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Request to Challenge an Item in Collection

By submitting the following form, students, faculty, and staff of St. Cloud State University may challenge the suitability of owning or maintaining a particular library resource in the collections of Learning Resources and Technology Services. Please read both the General Collection Policy and the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights prior to submitting this request. Understand that one of the functions of an academic library is to provide access to controversial and alternative materials. Materials that some might find objectionable, offensive, or oppressive are not summarily dismissed, rejected or removed.

Your request will be reviewed by the Collection Management Committee; you will receive a response within a reasonable length of time, generally within two weeks.

Thank you for your interest in assuring the quality of information resources at St. Cloud State University.

Status: SCSU Undergraduate Student
SCSU Graduate Student
SCSU Continuing Studies Student
SCSU Faculty
SCSU Staff
Major or Department:

Please answer the following:

Publisher (if known):
What do you find most objectionable about this title? Please be specific.
Does this title have any redeeming value as an academic resource?
Please cite relevant scholarly or literary criticism that might affect the Committee's discussion:
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