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Mission, Vision and Goals

LR&TS Strategic Plan
Final version
June, 2005

LR&TS Mission:

Connecting you with information and technology

LR&TS Vision:

Learning Resources and Technology Services will promote success in educational pursuits and life-long learning through excellence in information and technology.

LR&TS Goals (2005-2009):

Learning Resources & Technology Services will…

  1. Provide a safe, healthy, collegial work and learning environment where faculty, staff, and students are respected and valued.
    1. Respect and encourage open exchange of ideas
    2. Hire faculty and staff to meet university and LR&TS goals
    3. Improve internal and external communications
  2. Be central to SCSU student, faculty, and staff development in the use of information and technology.
    1. Support the teaching, learning, research, creativity, scholarship and service goals of the university
    2. Facilitate and support the campus community in implementing appropriate informational and instructional technologies
    3. Build information and technology literacy across disciplines
  3. Provide an environment that will support innovation and excellent service.
    1. Support faculty, staff, and student initiatives for innovation
    2. Obtain fiscal resources to support innovation and excellence
    3. Discontinue unneeded services
  4. Strive for continual improvement in quality
    1. Use continual assessment.
    2. Use benchmarks and peer comparisons
    3. Implement quality improvement initiatives
  5. Continue to nurture existing partnerships and develop new relationships with other organizations to further the mission of SCSU.
    1. Pursue global partners
    2. Pursue MnSCU partnerships
    3. Pursue regional and Minnesota partnerships

Adopted by the LR&TS Dean's Advisory Council

Previous Mission, Vision and Goals

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