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Use of the Miller Center Lobby and Atrium


This policy specifies the acceptable use of the Miller Center lobby and atrium areas.

Lobby: the area defined as the corridor between the two main building entrances, the corridor providing access to the coffee shop and extended study room, and the (non-carpeted) area in front of the auditorium entrance.

Atrium: the area on the first floor of the west wing of the Miller Center defined as the space within the curved stairway wall, extending to the display cases and to the inner sides of the entrances/exits of the west side of the building.


The Miller Center lobby and atrium areas are available exclusively for St. Cloud State University (SCSU) academic or administrative entities for the purposes of exhibiting materials and information related to official SCSU business or functions.

Tables: Displays or set ups in either area must fit onto a maximum of two eight-foot tables. At the time of the reservation, the organizing entity must reserve table(s) from the Miller Center Room Reservation Coordinator (MC-112, 308-2086).

Easels: A maximum of two easels may be set up in either area. At the time of the reservation, the organizing entity is responsible for reserving the easels from Miller Center Room Reservation Coordinator (MC-112, 308-2086).

All Other Types of Displays: must be approved by the Dean’s office on a case-by-case basis.

Food/drink distribution: No food or drink items may be distributed by the organizing entity in the atrium area.

Sales: No items may be sold from the display area.

Distribution: Flyers, brochures or other documents may only be distributed by the organizing entity from the approved table(s) or easel(s). Absolutely no unauthorized group may distribute any flyers, brochures, etc. in the designated areas.

Display Time Period: Displays or set ups may be requested for up to 3 days for tables and 5 days for easels.

Disturbances: Displays may not have any elements that are disruptive to Miller Center users. See LR&TS Code of Behavior (section 3).

Monitoring: The display or set-up should be attended at all times by at least one member of the organizing entity. The exception to this is with easel displays, which should be monitored periodically throughout the display period.

Power and Data Connections: Both are available in the lobby area, but not necessarily in the atrium area. All power and data cables must be protected from patron traffic. LR&TS will not provide extension cords.


  • Reservations for lobby or atrium displays are made by calling Miller Center Room Reservations (MC-112, 308-2086).
  • The request will then be forwarded to the Dean of LR&TS for final approval or denial (decision).
  • Reservations can be made up to one year in advance and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  • The organizing entity will put up the display on the first working day of the reserved period and will completely remove it before the library closes on the last working day of the reserved period.
  • The organizers will post a sign identifying the entity or organization responsible for the display.
  • LR&TS reserves the right to modify, remove items deemed inappropriate by MnSCU and/or SCSU policies.
  • LR&TS is not responsible for the display or the security of any items in the display.

For questions concerning the LR&TS display case, please refer to the LR&TS Display Case Usage policy.

Approved by LR&TS Dean Advisory Council on: February 26, 2003
Last reviewed: February 26, 2003
Last revised: February 26, 2003

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