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Notice of Data Practices Policy


This policy is meant to provide a reasonable declaration of how individual user's data is handled by Learning Resources and Technology Services (LR&TS). Although there may be an emphasis on electronic data, policies regarding University maintained data should apply regardless of the storage medium.

As a public University and a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), St. Cloud State University (SCSU) is subject to state and federal guidelines. As such, data that SCSU maintains electronically may be classified as either public or protected. The intent of this document is not to declare into which category the data falls.


I. Limitations on Users' Rights and Expectations
Although LR&TS does not routinely monitor the content of electronic communications or other data, it does reserve the right to, at any time, collect and view data for any legitimate business, legal or disciplinary purpose. Furthermore, LR&TS reserves the right, upon reasonable cause for suspicion, to access all aspects of its computing and network resources, including individual usage data to determine if a user is violating SCSU or MnSCU policy, or in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Data maintained by LR&TS may include but is not limited to:

E-mail Account specific data Library patron data
Campus card swipe data Internet activity data Library circulation data
Passwords Network activity data Printing Data
Data Files/Documents Phone records Login Information


II. Data Collection
LR&TS stores electronic communication data; however, storage space for individuals' files and other data is limited due to finite resources. Access to and retention of individually identifiable information is subject to all applicable Federal and State laws, SCSU policies and contracts. For data handling details and privacy statements on a specific system or data type (i.e. e-mail data) please refer to the appropriate policy in Appendix A.

III. Data Security
LR&TS provides reasonable security against intrusion and damage to data stored on LR&TS systems. However, LR&TS provides no guarantee that there will not be unauthorized access.

IV. Data Access
Generally, access to data requires the permission of the sender/recipient of the message or the owner of the file or a request through proper legal channels (i.e., subpoena, court order). Information may be shared between SCSU departments if it is needed for legitimate University business or investigation.

All requests for data maintained by Learning Resources and Technology Services should be directed to the Dean of Learning Resources and Technology Services, Miller Center 112 (320-308-2022).

Approved by LR&TS Dean Advisory Council on: March 5, 2003
Last reviewed: March 5, 2003
Last revised: March 5, 2003

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