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Policy for Miller Center Donor Recognition


To establish a policy and criteria for recognition of individuals who make a substantial monetary donation to LR&TS.


Monetary donors may be recognized by the naming of spaces within the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center.


  1. Individuals and organizations that donate a minimum of $10,000 to an LR&TS Foundation account (either as a single or cumulative donation) may be eligible for recognition. In-kind donations having a value of $10,000 or more may be considered for recognition by the LR&TS Dean's Advisory Council. All donations must be consistent with the LR&TS mission, vision and goals.

  2. At least once per year the LR&TS Dean's Office personnel will review the LR&TS Foundation accounts to identify donors eligible for recognition and forward this list to the LR&TS Dean.

  3. The Dean in consultation with the donor (or representative) will discuss recognition options, which will be brought to the LR&TS Dean's Advisory Council for consideration.

  4. If recognition is recommended by the LR&TS Dean's Advisory Council and approved by the LR&TS Dean, the LR&TS Dean will secure approval from the appropriate administrative office.

  5. Recognition expenses will be paid from an LR&TS Foundation account.

Approved by LR&TS Dean Advisory Council on: December 3, 2003
Last reviewed: December 3 2003
Last revised: December 3, 2003

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