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Elevator Out of Order Procedure


To keep all areas of the Miller Center accessible during hours of operation.


When an LR&TS employee becomes aware that an elevator is malfunctioning, the following procedures will be used:

  1. The LR&TS employee will notify personnel at the Circulation desk of the malfunction.

  2. Circulation desk personnel will report the malfunction to Maintenance (8-3166). They will identify which elevator is out of order, give a description of the problem (if known), and report if people are trapped inside the elevator car.

  3. LR&TS employees will offer assistance to patrons needing access to affected areas due to the elevator outage.

    • NE Elevator - LR&TS employees might need to escort the patron through the connecting tunnel from one wing to another.
    • Main Elevator - LR&TS employees should accompany the patron on the freight elevator and escort them through the staff-only work areas.
    • Freight Elevator - LR&TS employees should use main elevator.
  4. Circulation desk employees will post "Out of Order" signs on each floor that is affected by the malfunctioning elevator.

Approved by LR&TS Dean Advisory Council on: April 17, 2002
Last reviewed: April 17, 2002
Last revised: April 17, 2002

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