Learning Resources Services

Lost and Found Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish instructions for handling personal property found in the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center (Miller Center).


Employees of the Miller Center are not responsible for items that are left behind by patrons of the Miller Center at St. Cloud State University. Placement of items in the Miller Center lost and found does not imply an assumption of responsibility for items.

Any items that are found can be turned in to the Circulation Desk at the Miller Center.

  • If personal items of value such as purses, wallets, backpacks, or mobile devices (i.e. cell phones or laptops) are found in the Miller Center, a Circulation employee will call Public Safety to pick the item up at their earliest convenience.
  • Student identification cards will be taken to the Campus Card office daily.
  • All flash drives will be turned in to the 2nd Floor Service Desk.


When personal items of value listed above are turned in to a Miller Center service desk, the service desk employee will call Public Safety and ask that an officer be sent over immediately to pick up the item. The service desk employee will ask the individual who found the item for the location the item was found and for his/her name and phone number in case there are additional questions. A Public Safety officer will take the item to Public Safety.

Any other items turned in to the Circulation Desk will be put in a specifically designated location in the Access work area. Once each day, a Circulation student assistant will hand-deliver found student identification cards to the Campus Card office. At the end of each semester Circulation staff will donate any unclaimed items to a non-profit organization.

Employees of the Circulation Desk will use their best judgment in returning items that are turned in and have been claimed and identified by the owner. People inquiring about lost items that are not in the designated location in Access will be referred to Public Safety.

Approved by LRS Dean’s Advisory Council: January 25, 2012
Approved by PPC: January 5, 2012
Last reviewed/revised by PPC: January 5, 2012

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