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Distribution and Displaying of Table Tents or Other Printed Materials Policy


To establish a policy for the distribution and displaying of table tents or other printed materials on tables or counters in the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center.


Table tents or publications except for those generated by LR&TS, The Chronicle, campus telephone books, SCSU course schedules, or other printed materials approved by the Dean of LR&TS are not allowed to be placed on tables or counters in public areas within the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center.

LR&TS Approved Printed Materials throughout the Miller Center
The Chronicle The self-checkout desk
SCSU course schedules The self-checkout desk
SCSU campus phone books The self-checkout desk


  1. Request for display or distribution of materials other than those expressly approved by this policy shall be submitted in writing to the Dean of LR&TS.
  2. Materials not approved for distribution in the Miller Center shall be removed and disposed of, or collected and the distributor contacted for removal.
  3. The Dean's Office will send an e-mail to the Learning Resources listserv informing approval of requests.

Approved by LR&TS Dean Advisory Council on: January 7, 2004
Last reviewed: January 7, 2004
Last revised: January 7, 2004

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