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FindIt! brings journal articles right to your screen.

Accessing online journal articles through SCSU's library Web has become a lot easier thanks to Find It!, a service that can bring your article to your computer screen in just a few clicks.

Find It! lets you link from citations in databases that do not have fulltext to fulltext in other databases. What that means to you: No more writing down the citation and going back to the LR&TS home page to search all of the SCSU journals to see if it's available. Find It! allows you to retrieve the article directly from online sources.

Most of SCSU's databases now support Find It!

To use Find It!

  1. Search for an article by author, topic or keyword in any database and display the search results.
  2. Click on the Find It! button, FindIt! or Find It, or the words SCSU Find It! which you will see for each citation in the search results or on the citation page.
  3. A window will open to display various options for retrieving or obtaining the article:
    • You will see displayed first the best sources for online fulltext when it’s available;
    • Or, if the article is not available in fulltext, you will see the option to search the MnPALS catalog.
  4. If a fulltext article is available, a new browser will open. Depending on the database, Find It! will take you to the fulltext in one of three ways:
    • Directly to the fulltext;
    • Or, to the citation, giving you an option for HTML or PDF text for your fulltext;
    • Or to the table of contents for the issue containing your article, from which you will be able to link to the fulltext.

If you have questions or would like more information about Find It!, ask at the Reference Desk on Miller Center 1st Floor West, by calling (320) 308-4755 or by e-mailing

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