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Information Guide for Working with Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorder check out procedure for students:

  1. Students can check out a digital camcorder on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Camcorders may be checked out for 3 days.
  3. One renewal is allowed, if camcorder is available.
  4. Students will be charged a fine of $25 per day for the late return of a digital camcorder.
  5. All digital camcorders have an 8 GB SD (memory card). 
  6. The only supported video editing software in SCSU’s General Access Computer Labs is iMovie, which is installed on campus iMacs. If you are using a computer somewhere other than in the General Access labs, please check to see that you have iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.
  7. Camcorder instructions for editing and uploading video are provided with each camcorder and are available here:
  8. Please allow between 15-60 minutes for these steps.
Data Storage

SCSU General Access Labs

Data HD” may be used for temporary storage.

Use external storage if you need a more permanent copy.


**SCSU Filespace capacity is 500MB; this is too small for most video projects.


Web site demo for the Canon Vixia HF R100:


Problems or questions? Contact HuskyTech at 320-308-7000


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