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Instruction & Information Literacy Services

The goal of the library instruction program is to help students become efficient, effective and independent researchers who think critically while gathering and using a variety of library and information resources. These skills are vital to success in academic studies, global citizenship and in lifelong learning endeavors. The library faculty at the Miller Center provides instruction, integrated resources and consultations to faculty and students alike.

To accomplish these goals, we offer:


  • Course-Integrated Library Instruction (Schedule a session)

    • Help your students learn effective research strategies. We customize each session to meet your students’ specific needs. Classes take place in our hands-on classroom, or in yours, may consist of one-time or multiple sessions, and can vary in length.
    • Instruction may cover: narrowing topics, developing search strategies, using MnPALS (library catalog), varied article databases, web site evaluation, plagiarism, writing citations, working with government documents and much more.
    • Please Note:  Library instruction is most successful when students have a firm grasp on their research topics and within a few weeks of the assignment's due date.

  • Integrating Library and Information Literacy into your Assignments

    Creative methods to try in your classes

  • Course Guides

    Customized online library guides for your particular course or research assignment, prepared in consultation with you by your instruction librarian.

  • Small Group or One-on-One Consultations

  • Schedule an appointment through our Ask a Librarian service for in-depth research assistance.


  • Ask a Librarian

    One-on-one consultations, research appointments, and small group instruction upon request
  • Research Project Calculator

    Create a step-by-step guide for completing your research assignment on time, complete with e-mail reminders.

Our instruction objectives reflect the General Education Goals and Objectives and the Association of College and Research Libraries Information Literacy Standards.

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