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Off-Campus Access (Proxy)

Off-campus access to over 125 library databases, 20,000 full-text electronic journals, and 13,000 electronic books and reference sources is available through the SCSU library proxy. All of these resources for locating or accessing articles, electronic books, and statistical data services can be used from any location at any time. No browser modifications are required and the proxy works well with most Internet service providers.

When you are conducting research from off campus and link to an online library database from the Library Web site or use a link to a full-text article from an online course syllabus, you will be prompted to logon using your StarID username and password. Once you enter this information you will be able to access the Library's online content from off campus.

See My Account for information on:

  • StarID activation requirements
  • Expiration and removal of accounts
  • Extensions for graduate students and those on active duty military leave

See Linking to Full-Text Articles for instructions on creating direct links that will work from off campus.

Contact the AskRef (320-308-4755 or or the HuskyTech (320-308-7000 or for:

  • Problems connecting to a library database, an electronic journal, or an electronic book
  • Prompts for logons other than your StarID and password
  • Assistance with creating direct links to full-text articles (i.e. for syllabi)


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