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Guide to the Papers of William A. Nolen

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Surgeon and author. Born March 20, 1928, in Holyoke, Massachusetts; educated at College of the Holy Cross (A.B. l949), Tufts University (M.D. 1953); married Joan Scheibel 28 November 1953; six children. Residence and practice in Litchfield, Minnesota, 1960-1986.

Began writing pseudonymously for Medical Economics in the 1960s.

Papers include holographs, edited manuscripts, clippings and electronic materials, and copies of published works.

Information on literary rights is contained in the depository agreement dated 28 October l980.

Dr. Nolen died December 20, 1986. Obituaries/eulogies may be found in Box 1, folder 2.

Arrangement Summary:

Part I. General, pp. 2-3
Part II. Correspondence, pp. 3-5
Part III. Articles/Unpublished Works, pp. 5-21 
Part IV. Book-length Works, pp. 21-30
Part V. Letters from Readers, pp. 30-32

Accessions 1980, 1984, 1989




1	Guide to the papers of William A. Nolen.

2	Biographical data, 1974-l9 .

	Includes a copy of an interview (l6 pages) with Modern Medicine 
Publications, Feb.1974; photographs; information on various positions held.

3	Correspondence, 1979- .

4	St. Cloud State University, 28 Oct. 1980.

	Agenda, letters of invitation, copy of depository agreement*, banquet 
guest register, and other items in connection with the signing of a 
depository agreement between Dr. Nolen and the University.

5-6 	Media Coverage.

	Audio-cassettes, video-tapes (3/4") and transcripts covering the signing 
of the depository agreement, a press conference, and remarks at a Recognition 
Banquet. Copy of the release statement included*.

7	Clippings.

8	Correspondence and clippings concerning the 1981 John F. Kennedy Award 
from Holyoke, Massachusetts.

*Originals held in the files of the University Archives. 



1	Other media coverage.

	a. 	William A. Nolen interview with Michael Breen, Channel 11, 28 October 
1980, ca. 1 minute. (1/2" vidoe-cassette).

	b. 	"Twin Cities Today", fall 1980?, ca. 15 minutes (3/4" video-cassette).

2	Data-base searches for publications by Dr. Nolen.


3-6 	Lurton Blassingame, literary agent, 1968- . 

	Concerns placement or rejection of manuscripts, advice on style, ideas 
for articles or books, writing and publications of works and royalty statements.



1	Correspondence from Eleanor Wood, partner of Lurton Blassingame.

2-3 	Publishers, 1968-1981.
	Includes general correspondence with Random House (1970-1981), Jim 
Silberman, Janet Finnie, editors; Cassell, London (1971); Pocket Books 
(1972); Fawcett (1975); Coward, McCann & Geoghegan (1976-1979), Patricia 
Soliman, Peggy Brooks, editors; Dell (1977).

4	Correspondence with various newspaper/magazine editors; bookstores; 
etc., 1964-1982.

	Letters requesting, suggesting articles; rejection letters.

	For correspondence with Nolen's book publishers, see Box 3, Folders 2-3; 
with McCall's, Box 8, Folders 3-4.

5	Professional correspondence, 1963-1980.

	Letters/advertisements on medical and writing positions.



1	Massachusetts General Hospital

	Includes letters from doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital 
(by-pass surgery); Doctor George Crile, Jr. MD.

2-3 	Correspondence with doctors (M.D.s), 1965-1982. 

	Primarily expressing pleasure or displeasure with Dr. Nolen's positions 
as reflected in his writings.

4-5	 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1967-1981. 

	Letters from and responses to persons requesting assistance in 
publishing/writing; providing requested information; to and from 
political/ government persons, etc.

6	Book publicity tour schedules, 1970-1978.

	Making of a Surgeon (1970-1971); A Surgeon's World (1972); Surgeon 
Under the Knife (1976-1977); Baby in the Bottle (1978).

7	"Diary of a Publicity Trip."

	Holograph, 1970-1971.

8	Media appearances, 1970-1981.

	Includes correspondence with Jay Allen Public Relations, Tonight Show, 
David Susskind, Today Show, and various other radio and television programs.



1-2 	Leigh Bureau (W. Colston Leigh), 1972-1978. 

	Correspondence and contracts for national speaking engagements.

3	Keedick Lecture Bureau, 1979-1980.

	Correspondence and contracts for national speaking engagements.

4	Speeches, notes.

	Mostly undated.

5	Travel arrangements, 1974-1981.

6	Correspondence, 1971-1974.

7	Correspondence, 1975-1978.



1	Correspondence, 1979-1983.

2	Correspondence: Holy Cross, Tufts University.


3	Notes: ideas for articles, books, etc. (general).


May include manuscript and/or typed, copy of the published article. 
Arranged by publication. 

4	50 Plus

	Articles published in the column "Good Medicine". 

 "Over 50, not admitted." (July 1983)
 "The enigma of alzheimer's." (Aug. 1983) 
 "When you need a second opinion." (Sept. 1983) 
 "Dr. William A. Nolen challenges unorthodox healers." (Nov. 1983)
 "A surgeon's gift." (Dec. 1983)
 "There are better ways to treat breast cancer." (Feb. 1984)
 "The toughest decision you'll ever make." (Mar. 1984)
 "Doctor's orders: why patients should never ignore them." (Apr. 1984)
 "More bad news about medicare." (May 1984) 
 "The checkup that may save a life: what are you waiting for?" 
(colonscope) (Aug. 1984)
 "You can beat the bug." (Sept. 1984)
 "This article will put you to sleep." (cure for insomnia) (Oct. 1984)
 "Exercise + caution = longevity." (Nov. 1984) 
 "Medicine needs." (May 1985)
 "Eater's digest." (June 1985)
 "A doctor's stay-well guide for travelers." (Oct. 1985)

	American Heritage

 "A short history of heart surgery." (Aug./Sept. 1983)

	American Legion Magazine

 "Test your medical I.Q. -- a quiz." (Feb. 1969) 

	Also condensed in the Catholic Digest, (Nov. 1969)

	Bulletin of the Allegheny County Medical Society 

 "The doctor as writer." (24 May 1980)


5	Correspondence with Robert Sherrill and Lee Eisenberg.

6 "The appendix is where you find it." (Nov. 1968)
 "Happy days at Bellevue." (Nov. 1969)
 "I can afford to be sick." (Apr. 1970)
 "Dr. Nolen buys cheap aspirin." (Oct. 1972)
 "Dr. Nolen's magic bringdown." (Aug. 1973) 

7 "The attack." (Feb. 1976)
 "Let me tell you about my operation." ?

8 "The big knives." (Apr. 1980.)
 "Why medicines make me nervous." (Feb. 1981)
 "Impotence." (Nov. 1981)
 "Impotence: what every husband and wife should know." (Apr. 1982)

9	Hospital Physician

 "How to get along with the G.P.s." (ca. 1965) 
 "Poor surgery: don't blame just the G.P.s." (Apr. 1967)
 "Under that nurses's cap is a manageable woman." (Nov. 1968)

	Ladies Home Journal

 "Tell me, doctor, what about sex after my operation." (Oct. 1970)


	Three issues of a Litchfield weekly edited and published by Bill 
Nolen and Jerry Askeroth. 

	McCall's (for holdings, see Box 8, folder 3 - Box 11, folder 5); pp. 10-14.


Medical Economics, 1963-19 .

 Dr. Nolen was a contributing editor to Medical Economics. From the 
correspondence, it appears that he was a fairly regular contributor 
from 1966-1968. Besides publishing under his own name, he used 
various pseudonyms (Michael V. Corio, Elliot A. Fisher, ?).


1-2 	Correspondence, 1963-1974.

	Includes letters from Howard Eisenberg, Lillian Fine, Stanley Ferber, 
Carroll Dowden; ideas for articles.

3	Editorial memos, Medical Economics to its staff.

	Following is a listing of articles written for Medical Economics, as 
determined from the correspondence or data base searches. Holdings 
are incomplete, but may include correspondence, manuscript and/or typed 
copy, and published copy.  Publication status is indicated, if available. 

4	1963-1966

 "Who splits fees? I do!" (22 Apr. 1963)
 "What's wrong with small-town surgery?" (photo story) (6 May 1963)
 "We need more malpractice suits," by Michael V. Corio. (21 Oct. 1963)
 "No time for the family: Quit kidding yourself!" by Michael V. Corio. (19 Oct. 1964)
 "What's wrong with itinerant surgery?" by Michael V. Corio. (12 July 1965)
 "Wrong reasons for raising fees," by Michael V. Corio. (20 Sept. 1965)
 "The fatal flaw in G. P. surgery," by Michael V. Corio. (18 Oct. 1965)
 "Looking for the perfect practice?" (1 Nov. 1965)
 "How medical news backfires on doctors." (13 Dec. 1965)
 "Must you conform? I say no!" (4 Apr. 1966) 
 "Post-op complications: when to charge." (13 June 1966)

5	1967

 "When it's smart to consult by phone." (9 Jan.)
 "Five small hospitals, one pathologist." (23 Jan.)
 "Free choice? Not for my patients!" (6 Feb.)
 "Are doctors profiteering on medicare?" (20 Feb.)
 "Let's stamp out fee splitting." (20 Mar.) 
 "Surgical fees should be shared." (12 June)
 "Are you guily of underreferring?" (24 July) 
 "How to look busy even when you're actually not." (4 Sept.)
 "Doctors, money and medicare." (16 Oct.) 
 "The case against monopolistic specialism." (30 Oct.)
 "I'm too broke to live life to the hilt." (25 Dec.)

6	1968

 "How specialists should help G.P.s." (5 Feb.) 
 "How come patients know more than I do?" (18 Mar.)
 "Transplants: the doctor as executioner." (13 May)
 "If medicine makes you sick, you're normal." (27 May)
 "How to avoid money worries: spend it!" (10 June)
 "Surgeon's fees should be made public." (24 June)
 "Nurses I've known -- and you have too." (29 April)

7	1969

 "My wife and kids come first." (20 Jan.) 
 "Are you among the top 10 percent?" (29 Apr.) 

8	Medical Month

 "Failure to refer: a hazardous syndrome." (Dec. 1983)
 "Why the Baby Doe rule should be thrown out." (Feb. 1984)

	Medical Opinion

 "14,000 surgeons are too damn many." (Dec. 1971) 
 "[Office nurses]." (Nov. 1972)
 "Unnecessary surgery: has the controversy been blown out of true perspective?" 
(panel discussion) (Mar. 1977)

	Medical Times

 "Farm injuries." (May 1964)

	Minnesota Medicine

 "Farm trauma." (Apr. 1963)
 "Athletic injuries." (Nov. 1965)

	New England Journal of Medicine

 "Use and abuse of antibiotics in a small community." (4 July 1957)
 "Can you hear me?" (editorial) (11 Nov. 1973) 

	New York

 "What makes Eugene run?"


 "The patient's dilemna." (6 Feb. 1977)
 "A father's plea that his children be sneaky." (15 Jan. 1978)


 "If (God forbid) you need a surgeon ... here's how to choose the right one." (n.d.)



1	Prism

	Includes correspondence, manuscripts and/or typed copy, and clippings on 
medical education. 

 "You can have your big cities." (Feb. 1974) 
 'Why pre-meds are miserable." (Aug. 1974) 
 "Medical misinformation." (ca. 1976)
 ÒWhat to say to someone who isn't going to get into medical school." (ca. 1976)

2	Read Magazine

 "The first appendectomy." (Jan. 1973)

	Reader's Digest

 ÒWhy I don't want my children home next summer." (ca. 1976)


 "Nurses I've known -- and you have too." (July 1969)

	Science Digest

 "How you can pick a good physician." (excerpt from A Surgeon's World) 
(Mar. 1973)
 "The woman who said no to cancer." (excerpt from A Surgeon's Book of Hope) 
(Dec. 1982)


 "Carcinoma of the infrapapillary portion of the duodenum." 
(with Richard H. Flandreau)(Feb. 1956)
 "Surgery and the pursuit of happiness." (Oct. 1961)

	Today's Health

 "Healthy criticism." (Dec. 1971)
 "Why we must see our doctor's in a new light."(?) 

	TWA Ambassador

 "Reflections on middle age." (June 1981) 


 "Mistakes surgeons make most often." (Apr. 1971) 


3-4 	Correspondence between author and editor. 

	Articles published regularly in the column "A Doctor's World". Folders 
may include research items, manuscript and/or typed copy, correspondence 
with the editor concerning the particular article, a copy of the published 
article, and follow-up letters.

5	1971

 "Operation women fear most." [mastectomy] (Apr.) 
 "When you're all tired out." (June)
 "Induced labor: when is it a good idea?" (July) 

6 "Varicose veins: why put up with them." (Aug.)
 "Day people versus night people." (Sept.)
 "Senility." (Oct.)
 "When the eyes don't have it." (Nov.)
 "Saving on your medical bills." (Dec.)

7	1972

 "How to catch a cold." (Jan.)
 [Hypertension] (Mar.)
 "When your back gets you down." (Apr.)
 "What menopause is -- and isn't." (May)
 "Vasectomy: a cautionary note." (June)
 "The operation you may not need." [Hysterectomy] (July)
 "It's all in your head." (Aug.)
 "The trouble with doctor's wives." (A Surgeon's World, ch. 15) (Sept.)
 "Examining your doctor." (A Surgeon's World, ch. 25) (Oct.)
 "Patients who drive doctors wild." (A Surgeon's World, ch. 29) (Nov.)
 "Doctors who care." (A Surgeon's World, ch. 27) (Dec.)



1	1973

 "Trust your doctor -- but not too much." (A Surgeon's World, ch. 26) (Jan.)
 "What men don't understand about premenstrual tension." (Feb.)
 "Tired? Nervous? Here's a pill." (Apr.)
 "Warnings too many women ignore." [cancer] (May)	 
 "How safe is the morning-after pill?" (June)
 "RX for a common complaint." [constipation] (July)
 "How doctors are unfair to women." (Aug.)
 "A women's disease." [gallbladder] (Sept.) "How to sleep." (Oct.)
 "How to live with arthritis." (Nov.)
 "When you suddenly feel dizzy." (Dec.)

2	1974

 "When your ankles swell." (Jan.)
 "To operate or not: a patient's choice." [hemorrhoids] (Feb.)
 "Preventing heart attacks." (Mar.)
 "Living with heart disease." (Apr.)	 
 "Mononucleosis: the overtreated disease." (May)
 "A common and annoying ailment." [cystitis] (June)
 "Most common operation on women." [D and C] (July)

3 "In search of a miracle." [K. Kuhlman] (Sept.)
 "The trouble with sinus trouble." (Oct.) 
 "How to cure an ulcer." (Nov.)
 "How dangerous is phlebitis." (Dec.)

4	1975

 "When children need their tonsils out." (Jan.) 
 "When your appendix must come out." (Feb.) 
 "How doctors use hypnosis." (Mar.)
 "Stress -- and how to live with it." (Apr.)
 "A needlessly embarrassing ailment." [vaginitis] (May)
 "Taking medicine during pregnancy." (June) 

5 "What your doctor owes you." (July)
 "If you think you're anemic." (Aug.)
 "Malpractice: what it means to you." (Sept.) 
 "Low blood sugar -- what it means." (Nov.) 
 "Give yourself a present -- stay well." (Dec.) 

BOX 10


1	1976

 "Examining the TV doctor shows." (Jan.)
 "Ailments that affect your breathing." (Feb.) 
 "What thyroid trouble means." (Mar.)

2 "Medicines: tomorrow's cures." [The next one hundred years] (Mar.)
 "Tranquilizers: their use and abuse." (May) 
 "What is unnecessary surgery?" (June)

3 "What it means to be diabetic." (Aug.)
 "What 'doctor's orders' really mean." [patient responsibility] (Sept.)
 "Antibiotics: what they will and won't cure." (Oct.)
 "The examination most women dread." [pelvic exam] (Nov.)
 "Home for Christmas -- at the hospital." (Dec.) 

4	1977

 "When your doctor says 'Let's wait and see'." (Jan.)						
 "Caesarean: safer now for mother and child." (Feb.)
 "What patients should know about anesthesia." (Feb.)

5 "If your feet hurt." (Apr.)
 "The not so terrible truth about cancer." (May)
 "Anorexia nervosa: the dieting disease." (June)
 "Ten questions your doctor should answer." (July) 
 "What to do about menstrual discomfort." (Aug.) 
 "Preventing -- and curing -- headaches." (Sept.) 
 "Moles, cysts and other skin problems." (Oct.) 
 "Is your doctor overcharging you?" (Nov.)
 "Gifts of life and good health." (Dec.)

6	1978

	"My 'no diet' diet." (Jan.)
	"New ways to control high blood pressure." (Feb.) 
	"A new look at cholesterol and heart disease." (Mar.)
	"Liver disease: causes, symptoms and cures." (Apr.)
	"All about strains, pains, and fractures." (May) 
	"Reducing the risk of stroke." (June)
	"What we know about breast cancer." (July)
	"Cutting your medical costs in half." (Aug.)
	"Ulcers and other stomach troubles." (Sept.) 
	"What to do about pain that won't go away." (Oct.)
	"The truth about a misunderstood sickness." [epilepsy] (Nov.)
	"Why I believe in miracles." (Dec.)

BOX 11 


1	"Ghost surgery: what is it?" (Jan.)
	"Organ transplants: what we know today." (Feb.) 
	"The facts about an unusual disease." [multiple sclerosis] (Mar.)
	"When do you need a second opinion." (Apr.) 
	"Drugs and their side effects." (May)
	"Before and after surgery: what to expect." (June)
	"How to live with a nervous stomach." (July) 
	"Finding the right doctors." (Aug.)
	"The latest arthritis treatment." (Sept.)
	"Psoriasis and other skin problems." (Oct.) 
	"New advances against cancer." (Nov.)
	"Gift of good health." (Dec.)

2	1980

	"Preparing a child for the hospital." (Jan.) 
	"Preventing and surviving heart attacks." (Feb.) 
	"How dangerous are x-rays." (Mar.)
	"Common eye ailments: symptoms and cures." (Apr.) 
	"The truth about a peculiar disease." [asthma] (May)
	"What you should know about male menopause." (June)
	"When exercise can hurt you." (July)
	"New tests that could save your life." (Aug.)
	"Invisible operations that save lives." [microsurgery] (Sept.)
	"How hearing problems can be helped." (Oct.) 
	"Facts about a stubborn virus." [herpes] (Nov.) 
	"Best gift for someone in the hospital." (Dec.) 

3	1981

	"Breast cancer: what women should know now." (Jan.)
	"One day surgery: new choice can save you time and money." (Feb.)
	"What that 'tired feeling' may actually mean." (Mar.)
	"When stress can hurt your health." (Apr.) 
	"Estrogen therapy at menopause: weighing the risks." (May)
	"Do you and your doctor understand each other?" (June)
	"Treating stings, burns, itches, and other summer miseries." (July)
	"A disease that can be hard to detect." [endometriosis] (Aug.)
	"Glaucoma: a dangerous eye disease." (Sept.) 
	"Why doctors make mistakes." (Oct.)
	"How to live through his mid-life crisis." (Nov.) 
	"The gift of family -- do we miss something when we 'plan' our 
parenthood?" (Dec.)

4	1982

	"What happens when you get too cold." (Jan.) 
	"How to avoid the most common operation." [D and C] (Feb.)
	"Thyroid problems and what they mean." (Mar.) 
	"Treating a very annoying infection." [urinary cystitis] (Apr.)
	"Taking your medicine the right way." (May) 
	"New ways to treat arthritis." (June)
	"How to control high blood pressure." (July) 
	"After his heart attack: healing your marriage." (Aug.)
	"So you think you have low blood sugar." [hypoglycemia] (Sept.)
	"Cervical cancer: stopping it in the early stage." (Oct.)
	"The most drastic way to lose weight." [by-pass] (Nov.)
	"To your good health." (Dec.)

5	1983

	"When tonsils and adenoids should go." (Feb.) 
	"Varicose veins: hide them or remove them." (Mar.)
	"RX: when men lose interest in sex." (Apr.) 
	"What we know about diet and cancer." (May) 
	"Vaginitis: what your doctor should do." (June) 
	"The right health insurance for you." (Aug.) 


	"Fat vacuuming: how safe is it?" (Jan.)

	In Vital Signs column


 Manuscripts not identified as published. Probably written early in 
writing career (?). Generally undated. May include manuscript and/or 
typescript copy. Some include forwarding letter to Lurton Blassingame, 
or rejection letter from various publications.

 Topical arrangement is that of the processor. If article has no given title, 
subject is given in [brackets].


6	"I'm staying off the bandwagon." (1967)
	"On preparing patients for surgery."
	"What's hot in the world of surgery."
	"Cooley: the amazing career of the world's greatest surgeon."
	"A surgeon's history of modern surgery." 
	"Dr. Koop's achievement: a surgeon's appraisal." 
	"The crisis in surgical training."
	"What it is like to have a surgical monopoly." 
	"How your doctor thinks -- about surgery." 
	"Ten things you should know about surgery." 
	"Surgery of the gall bladder and related organs." 

Practice of medicine.

7	"Prescriptions for practice boredom."
	"Experience can be a lousy teacher."
	"The referral game."
	"Hospital routines that waste money."
	"The hyperbaric chamber -- and how it saves lives."
	"What kind of utilization committee for our hospital?"
	"N.I.G.Y.S.O.B.: a game doctors play."
	"Are doctor's hours really that bad?"
	"Doctors and money."
	"The third party in medicine -- the all mighty dollar."
	"To sleep or not to sleep? For an intern, that should never be a question."
	"House calls."
	"Who does what and to whom? The specialist." 

BOX 12


1	"The whole truth and nothing but the truth? Not always!"
	"Medical morality."
	"Taking a partner? Be wary of age discrepancies."
	"Money or time -- the doctor's dilemna." 
	"Malpractice." [Second opinions]
	"The group (a study in togetherness)."
	"How doctors get along with each other." 
	"Want more time off? Cooperate with your competitors."
	"Needed: city-wide call schedules."
	[Dr. Feelgood]

2	"How your doctor feels -- about lab tests."
	"The rottenest job in medicine."
	"Teach the G P's surgery."
	"Medical practice and the conspiracy of silence." 
	"I resent the super specialists."
	"The case against narrowing your specialty." 
	[no title]

Doctor's image; professional organizations. 

3	"The ACS Convention in Atlantic City."
	"Dr. Wilbur put away your crystal ball." 
	"Who says doctors aren't popular? I do!" 
	"Unions? They're all bad news -- except, of course for mine."
	"Having doctor trouble? Call the AMA."
	"The doctor's image -- or why no one likes us anymore."
	"The doctor strike was a disgrace."
	"House staff stories."
	[Minnesota Surgical Society.]

4	"White Tower ethics ... "
	"The Town-Gown conflict."
	"Anti-doctor books."
	"Dr. Hall -- we love you."
	"Rex Morgan is ruining our image."
	"The A.A.P.S. -- secret voice of the liberals." 
	"Any doctor can make a good living -- and that's bad."

Medical questions/techniques.

5	"Darling you are growing old." (1969)
	"Everything doctors don't know about cholesterol."
	"Brain injuries: why doctors have difficulty treating them."
	[Brain dead]

6	"How to do a tracheotomy."
	[Birth defects]
	"The first major organ transplant."
	"Questions without answers."
	[Orthopedic injuries]
	"What parents should know about appendicitis." 
	[Eye transplants]

7	"Farm animals and trauma." (1964)
	"How to recognize a 'heart attack'."
	"Miscarriage: sad, but often for the best." (1980)
	"One more bad thing about the war in Vietnam: it's making V.D. 
worse." (1970)

BOX 13


1	[Cancer]
	"Beauty mark or black death?"
	[Blood supply]
	"Antibiotics: when and why we use them." 
	Patient/doctor relationships.

2	[No title]
	"What to do when you can't remember the patient's name."
	"Patient responsibility."
	"Do you want another opinion? Ask for it." 
	"The patient's dilemna."
	"How to get the most out of your visit to the doctor."

3	"The doctor's rules for lying to his patients."
	"How to tell a good doctor from a bad one." 
	"The doctor-patient communication gap."
	"A doctor gripes about his patients."
	[A doctor's eye view of his patients]

Drugs and alcohol.

4	[Drugs, drinking]
	"Do you know why you take so many pills? I do."
	[Outline for a book on drinking]

5	"Alcohol." (1966)
	"How to drink: a guide for the 'social drinker'." 
	"Are you an alcoholic."
	"The hangover."
	"How to cut down on your drinking."
	"How to get a jag on and keep it without getting drunk."
	"The disappearance of the grump."

Nationalized medicine.

6	"A doctor's view of a National Health System" (1977)
	[No title]

Wives; women; nurses.

7	"The doctor's wife -- an individual or an echo?"
	"Ten tips for the doctor's wife -- who wants to keep her job."
	"Take my wife, if you must -- but leave my office nurse alone!"
	"Doctors and sex."
	"Doctors are damn fools -- about women!" 
	"Advice to anyone contemplating an affair -- don't do it!"
	"Advice for the doctor who's planning an affair." 
	"I'll call just to say hello."
	"How to get along with doctors."
	"What's wrong with doctors as husbands." 
	"How women save money."
	[No title]

BOX 14


Litchfield; family; personal.

1	"A note to children: please don't tell us things we don't want to know."
	"You can raise your children by remote control." 
	"Life in a game of catch."
	"Mama & Dad, please don't push your child to 'be a doctor'."
	"The Mexican invasion of Litchfield."
	"Calling home for Christmas."
	"Are small towns really the best for kids?" 
	"If I had it to do all over again."
	"How to keep track of your money."
	"Protect your health -- get out of Minneapolis." 
	"Litchfield Centennial set for August."

2	"Looking for a hobby? Don't start a magazine!"
	"Spit it out: The confessions of a former pseudonymous ... "
	"What do you do for an encore (class reunion)?" 	
	"Read together: at breakfast! Are you out of your mind?"
	"Whatever happened to the scarecrow?"
	"Ignore your teeth: they'll go away."

3	[Christmas]
	"Why do I worry more about my daughters than I do about my sons?"
	"There are no fat racquet-ball players." 
	"The seven-year itch."
	"Dinner at the diner."
	"How much do we drive our children?"
	"What do you call your mother-in-law?"
	"The peculiar Minnesota high school 'justice'." 
	[Minnesota State High School League]

4	[Catholic education]
	"Vacations: it's not only where you go but who with that counts." (1966)
	"Take a two-hour trip to teach." (1969)
	"The least successful investment I've ever made." 
	"The social side of small town practice." 

5	[Tennis]
	[No title]


6	"You do have time to exercise."
	"Have a cigarette?"
	[Sex education]
	"What's it take to be on the Johnny Carson show?" 
	"Want to play doctor?" (1968)
	"Great books for uneducated doctors."
	"A new cure of hypochondria." (1969)
	"Translations from the medicalese."
	"The newest American Credo." (1967)

7	"A visit with Christian Barnard."
	"The FBI and the Berrigans." (1972)
	"On the best seller lists."
	"The awkward child."
	"Beware of the Peter Principle!"
	[No title]

BOX 15


Short Fiction.

1	"Soliloquy of a living saint."
	"Joy to the world."
	"Me worry?"
	"Life death and a silk thread." (1969)
	[Snow storm]
	"Booby trap."
	"He cut out my appendix -- but he cut right through my heart."
	"I'm all right."
	"Medical monologue."
	"The chosen one."
	"All my love ... "

2	[I killed my mother]
	[Charlie Ross]
	[Dr. Sullivan]
	[Cousin George]
	[John Rogers]
	[No title]

3	"Thieves Game." (1978)

	Political novel (95 p.)

[Jim Sweeney, M. D.: a novel]

4	Notes, characters.

5	Manuscript, unnumbered.


6	Typescript.

"Project Transplant." (1978)

	A novel about an American doctor who is taken to the Soviet Union to 
transplant a head onto a younger body.

7	Notes, correspondence, outlines.

8	Preliminary (?) drafts.


9	Manuscript, unnumbered.

	Holograph, ch. 1-8.

BOX 16

"Notes of a country surgeon." (1978)

1	Correspondence.

2	Manuscript, unnumbered.

	Holograph, ch. 1-9.

"Medical Guide."

3	Proposal for a book on a "Medical guide" for the layperson.

	Includes notes, correspondence, outline. 

"All about impotence." (ca. 1977-1978)

4-5 	Correspondence.

6	Notes.

7	Manuscript, unnumbered.



Book reviews by Dr. Nolen.

	May include manuscript, typed copy, and/or clippings.


1-2 	Undated-1971.

3	1972.

4	1973.

5	1974.

6	1975.

7	1976.

8	1977-1980.

9	1981-1985




1	"Making of a Surgeon", ca. 1968-1970.

	Only limited material held.

	a.	Author's notes, correspondence.

	b.	"I remember Bellevue."

		1)	Manuscript.


		2)	Typescript.

			Includes two first pages entitled "Bellevue."

	c.	Miscellany copy.

The Making of a Surgeon

2	Random, 1970 (in book jacket); Pocket Book, 1972.

3-4 	Foreign editions.

	Published in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Poland.

	For reviews see Box 36, folder 4.



1	Notes.

	For research clippings, see Box 36, folder 5. 

2	Correspondence.

	Includes correspondence with Janet Finnie, editor.

3-4 	Manuscript (unnumbered).


	Arranged according to outline in "Notes" above. 

5	Unused (?) material.

6-7 	Typescript I (92 p.).

	Includes editorial corrections and suggestions, and additions by the author.

8	Typescript II.

	Chapter titles and script includes suggestions indicated in Typescript I.

9	Spare Parts for the Human Body, Random House, 1971.

10 	Book reviews.



1	Author's notes.

2-7 	Typescript (346 numbered pages).

8	A Surgeon's World, Random 1972; Fawcett, 1972.

	For reviews, see Box 36, folder 6.

BOX 21


1	Wir Chirurgen, Austria, 1974.

	Reviews. (See Box 36, folder 6.)

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