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Digital Exhibits

Over time, the University Archives will present digital exhibits to highlight the history of St. Cloud State. That history is rich, chronicling the time as a school to train teachers to becoming a large state university with a diverse student body.

  • The History of KVSC Trivia Weekend
    First held in March 1980, KVSC's trivia weekend has grown from a campus trivia contest to one that involves individuals and teams world-wide. Explore the exhibit learn more about the colorful history of KVSC trivia weekend through photos, posters, t-shirts, and newspaper clippings, as well as test your trivia knowledge by answering questions asked during the contest. Special thanks to Cathy Coats and Krista Lewis for the research and creation of this virtual exhibit.
  • Who Was Here? Well-Known Visitors at St. Cloud State
    Since its founding in 1869, St. Cloud State University has hosted well-known entertainers, celebrities, politicians, athletes, radio, film, and television actors and actresses, and music groups. These include comedian Bob Hope, rock musician Elton John, basketball's Harlem Globetrotters, and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. All information and images are from University Archives.
  • St. Cloud State University Buildings
    Includes the digital exhibit entitled St. Cloud State University: The Faces Behind the Places, which highlights named campus buildings. Other pieces include aerial photographs and individual profiles of campus buildings.
  • Art and Art Curriculum at St. Cloud State
    Based on a 2012 master thesis written by Krista Lewis, a former student assistant in University Archives, the exhibit chronicles the role of art at St. Cloud State since 1869. The exhibit features images and information from University Archives.
  • A Changing View of SCSU
    The physical campus of St. Cloud State has changed greatly since its establishment in 1869. Growth after World War II, especially with the influx of "baby boomers," transformed the campus footprint. Created by St. Cloud State public history graduate student Marissa Bialek, the exhibit incorporates research conducted at the University Archives and the Miller Center library to tell the story of the changing view of SCSU. (PDF, 13.3 MB)

Historical Compilations and Histories

The University Archives will periodically post historical compilations, as well as historic documents, on St. Cloud State events, people, and buildings.

  • St. Cloud State Structure
    What were the names of St. Cloud State when? Who has held senior managment positions? What were the the names of St. Cloud State's school/colleges, who lead them and when, and what departments were in each school/college from the fall of 1962 to June 2011? What were the academic divisions from 1940 to 1962?
  • Historic Timelines
    The timelines focus on people, events, and buildings, anything that caught our eye as interesting. Some of the highlights are serious, some silly, and some surprising. The timelines will be updated periodically.
  • Transcript Index, 1870s-1930s

    An index containing nearly 20,000 names of St. Cloud State students who appeared in 15 volumes of academic transcripts, dating from the 1870s to the 1930s.

  • Chronicle Index, 1924-1996

    The index covers the time period between 1924 and 1996. The index seems fairly complete, especially early on, and is taken from Chronicle headlines. The document was created from 30+ handwritten paper tablets which were entered into a Word Document by students in Archives. A PDF was created for easier use.

  • SCSU History Quizzes
    Test your knowledge with 10 separate quizzes about the history of St. Cloud State University.
  • The Talahi: Yearbook of St. Cloud State
    The most popular name of the yearbook, which was printed from 1923 to 1998, the Talahi provides a peak into campus happenings from the student perspective for 75 years.


  • Small Bytes Interview (September 2008) (16.9 MB, 25 minutes in length)
    Tom Steman discussed the challenges faced the University Archives, as well as contributions to the upcoming presidential inauguration, with the Small Bytes staff at St. Cloud State.

  • Small Bytes Interview (February 2010) (18.8 MB, 20 minutes in length)
    Tom Steman and Marian Rengel, Minnesota Digital Library outreach coordinator, discussed the digitization and publishing of 262 letters of world-famous author Sinclair Lewis to his mistress Marcella Powers on Minnesota Reflections, with the Small Bytes staff at St. Cloud State.


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