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December 4, 1931 - Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg

The November 20, 1931 edition of the Chronicle reported that Carl Sandburg, famous poet, was to visit St. Cloud State on December 4, 1931. The article reads:

Carl Sandburg, noted American poet, will appear here on December 4, giving his famous lecture-recital "Poems, Songs, Stories."

Mr. Sandburg is widely recognized as a rare and many-sided individual, a man who has archived notable place not only as a poet but as a biographer of Abraham Lincoln and as a philosopher and humorist.

His lecture-recital, which he will give here, is varied as the man himself. in it he reads passages from his "Abraham Lincoln," tells some of the stories and traditions of the Licoln legend, presents some of his own poems, tells a rootabaga story, sings American folk songs accompanying himself on his guitar.


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