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Transcript Index, 1870s-1930s

Using an Access database, the index contains nearly 20,000 names of St. Cloud State students who appeared in 15 volumes of academic transcripts that are in University Archives. These 15 volumes are fragile, oversize, and difficult to use.

Dates covered are from the 1870s through some of the fall of 1938.

The index shows the student’s name (and married name if available), date of enrollment, date of graduation, including for multiple degrees, and the volume and page number in which their transcript appears. Users can also keyword search the index.

Available for download are PDFs created from the Access database and sorted by category:

By Last Name (PDF, 2.51 MB)

By First Attendance (PDF, 2.46 MB)

By Graduation (PDF, 2.46 MB)

The transcripts, which document the academic career of a student, contains a wealth of biographical information about the individual and family. Information includes age when first attending St. Cloud State, home address, parent’s names, occupation, and nationality, schools attended, and birthplace.

There are restrictions on some of the transcripts, depending on the last date information was entered in the transcript and the birth date of the students. Records are restricted for at least 90 years. Students are presumed dead if the information was created at least 90 years ago or 90 years have elapsed since the individual's birth, whichever is earlier. If one of the above conditions are met, the records are open for inspection.

To request a copy of a transcript that is in one of these volumes, please contact Records and Registration at Make sure to include the volume and page number.

Notable students that appear in the index are future St. Cloud State presidents Waite Shoemaker (1902-1916) and George Selke (1927-1946), Eva and Lillian Lindbergh, sisters of aviator Charles Lindbergh, Edris and Lenore Coborn, daughters of Chester Coborn, founder of the Coborn’s grocery stores, and Willis E. Johnson, president at the North Dakota State Normal and Industrial School at Ellendale (1913), Northern State University (1914-1919), and South Dakota State University (1919-1923).


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