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McIntosh Stereopticon Opaque & 4 x 4 Slide Projector

McIntosh Stereopticon Opaque & 4 x 4 Slide Projector

Baush & Lomb Optical Co. in Rochester, New York. Manufactured between 1931 – 1933.

The McIntosh Stereopticon projector was designed to project 4" x 4" slides and opaque objects. The ability to change between projection formats was a unique feature of this machine.

This Stereopticon has no lens for the opaque mechanism, and might well never have had one. No doubt many classrooms, especially in biology and medicine, used the projector exclusively for the 4x4 slide, which could be produced by artists in full color long before the availability of quality, photographic color slides.

The slide shown at left is labeled, "Anatomy - The Digestive Organs in Place."

Donated by M. I. Smith, 1971.

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