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University Photographer collection now available for use

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

University Archives has finished organizing the records of the University Photographer.  This collection contains thousands and thousands of negatives taken between 1962 and 2004, nearly all of them unpublished.

The negatives are organized by job number, which consisted of the year, then numbered in sequential order they were taken over that calendar year (77-185 indicated that the image was taken sometime in 1977).  A descriptive title was included as well as a date.  Other keywords were added, which include building name and names of people to increase access. 

The index can be found at:

As one scrolls through the index, there are green triangles.  Click on the triangle and you will find digitized images from that photo job.  We do hope to scan a selection of contact sheets to be made available through the index as well as a test, so patrons don’t even have to visit the Archives to see what images are available.  The goal would be to scan all – how great would that be?

This is a fantastic resource for images over the past 50+ years.


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