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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #1

1. Ira Moore served as St. Cloud State's first president from 1869 to 1875 – what prestigious school did he lead after leaving St. Cloud State?

a. University of Minnesota
b. Notre Dame University

2. While attending St. Cloud State, which future St. Cloud State president coached the university's men's hockey team?

a. Brendan McDonald
b. George Selke
c. Waite Shoemaker

3. Ervin House was purchased in 1936 and was first used by St. Cloud State in 1940. What was it initially used for?

a. Student union
b. Classrooms
c. Men's residence hall

4. Who is Shoemaker Hall named for?

a. Marsha Shoemaker
b. Tom Shoemaker
c. Waite Shoemaker

5. Opening in 2004, Husky Stadium became the home of St. Cloud State's football team. What space served as the football team's home before Husky Stadium?

a. Brown Field
b. Riverside Park
c. Selke Field

6. In what year did First Avenue South, between Stewart Hall and Atwood Memorial Center, close to vehicle traffic and become a pedestrian mall?

a. 1955
b. 1973
c. 1984

7. Who were the first two St. Cloud State athletes that were inducted into St. Cloud State's Athletic Hall of Fame?

a. Vern Baggenstoss and Mac Doane
b. Lou Filippi and Ed Colletti
c. Rod Anfenson and Jerry Dirkes

8. Which following St. Cloud State president did not have a formal presidential inauguration ceremony?

a. Bruce Grube
b. Robert Wick
c. Brendan McDonald

9. Smoking was banned in campus buildings in what year?

a. 1982
b. 1975
c. 1947

10. Name the year in which St. Cloud State University first awarded a bachelor's degree.

a. 1901
b. 1927
c. 1945

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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