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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #2

1. How many presidents, including interim presidents, have served St. Cloud State since its 1869 establishment?

a. 22
b. 15
c. 7

2. Thomas Gray, an 1872 alum and St. Cloud State president (1884 to 1890), left Minnesota to head what university?

a. Winona State University
b. Oregon State University
c. University of Northern Colorado

3. Brendan McDonald resigned suddenly in May 1992, yet there was not enough time to find and name an interim president. Who headed the campus before Robert Bess was appointed interim president at the end of July 1992?

a. Irvamae Applegate
b. Barb Grachek
c. Josephine Davis

4. Beginning in 1961, St. Cloud State ran an off-campus summer theater. Where was the theater?

a. Minneapolis
b. Cambridge
c. Alexandria

5. The Sherburne Student Residence, which was completed in 1969, is named in honor of a local Minnesota county. Name the other two buildings named after Minnesota counties.

a. Eastman Hall, Holes Residence Hall
b. Stearns Residence Hall, Benton Student Residence Hall
c. Shoemaker Hall, Mitchell Hall

6. To accommodate the influx of World War II veterans to St. Cloud State, additional temporary housing was built in 1947 at what campus location?

a. Selke Field
b. J.C. Brown Field
c. Behind Riverview

7. Intercollegiate hockey at St. Cloud State was first regularly played in what year?

a. 1898
b. 1931
c. 1987

8. What famous blues musician performed at St. Cloud State in 1948, a year before his death?

a. Robert Johnson
b. Lead Belly
c. Big Joe Turner

9. When were summer classes first held at St. Cloud State?

a. 1885
b. 1904
c. 1965

10. In what year was the first homecoming queen crowned?

a. 1930
b. 1940
c. 1964

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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