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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #4

1. Name the first woman to serve as president of St. Cloud State.

a. Isabel Lawrence
b. Suzanne Williams
c. Beth Porter Garvey

2. When Brendan McDonald was appointed St. Cloud State's president, he resigned the presidency of which other university?

a. University of Nebraska-Kearney
b. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
c. North Dakota State University

3. What is the oldest standing building today on the St. Cloud State campus?

a. Riverview
b. Eastman Hall
c. Lawrence Hall

4. As a teacher's college, St. Cloud State had a laboratory school on campus for students to watch experienced teachers teach as well as learn how to teach themselves. Which campus building DID NOT serve as a laboratory school?

a. Old Main
b. Riverview
c. Kiehle

5. Miller Center, which opened in 2000, was named for whom?

a. Steve Miller
b. James Miller
c. Mitch Miller

6. What was the original purpose of Brainard Hall, a campus building that stood just west of Selke Field?

a. Men's residence hall
b. Student union
c. Athletic locker rooms

7. The Normalia, St. Cloud State's first student newspaper, claimed the first hockey game played in St. Cloud in what year?

a. 1893
b. 1898
c. 1902

8. Name the future U.S. president that crowned Joyce Pearson as St. Cloud State's 1952 homecoming queen.

a. Richard Nixon
b. Ronald Reagan
c. Dwight Eisenhower

9. For many years, St. Cloud State published a yearbook. What was the name of the yearbook?

a. Talahi
b. The Totem
c. Lux

10. In 1957, the name of the university changed from St. Cloud State Teacher's College to what?

a. St. Cloud State College
b. St. Cloud State University
c. Minnesota State at St. Cloud

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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