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MEMO Equipment Archive

The MEMO Equipment Archive is a collection of early to recently-outdated audiovisual equipment used in Minnesota Schools and Colleges before the Internet and microcomputers consolidated audiovisual presentations into unified, digital-based technologies, all produced and presented by computer-based equipment. This archive provides the visitor with a look into the past, where each presentation mode required a separate piece of equipment, and it provides the seasoned professional with a perspective by which to appreciate, or, perhaps criticize, contemporary technologies.

We are grateful to both individual and institutional members of the Minnesota Educational Media Organization (MEMO), for their donations of audiovisual equipment to this archive.

This archive has been organized into three sections.
Please visit each section for a chronological series of media devices.


Audio equipment


Visual equipment


Audiovisual equipment

The photographs and descriptions represent the best available information regarding the equipment exhibited. If you can provide additional information or corrections for the inevitable errors that might occasionally creep in, please contact:

MEMO Archivist
Learning Resources & Technology Services,
St. Cloud State University,
St. Cloud MN 56301, or

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