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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #3

1. Who wrote the music and words to St. Cloud State's university hymn?

a. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
b. Ray Rowland and Louise Johnson
c. Harvey Waugh and Amy Dale

2. Name the St. Cloud State president that served as president of Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

a. Roy Saigo
b. Suzanne Williams
c. Charles Graham

3. What was the original purpose of Riverview, which opened in 1913?

a. Laboratory school
b. Offices for faculty
c. Administrative uses

4. The Alumni House, just east of Barden Park, was the home to the brother of what Nobel Prize winning author?

a. Toni Morrison
b. Sinclair Lewis
c. Gunter Grass

5. St. Cloud State acquired the Whitney House, built by the Whitney family, in 1956. It opened that year as a:

a. Residence hall
b. Sorority house
c. Student union

6. Kiehle was constructed in 1952 as the university's library. Who is the building named in honor of?

a. David Kiehle
b. Mark Kiehle
c. Suzanne Kiehle

7. St. Cloud State men's hockey began Division 1 play in the fall of 1987. Who served as coach in the 1986/87 season before St. Cloud State jumped to Division 1 hockey?

a. Charlie Perpich
b. Herb Brooks
c. Craig Dahl

8. Many big name music acts have performed at St. Cloud State. Which one of the following acts have performed on campus?

a. Elton John
b. Led Zeppelin
c. Nirvana

9. What was the name of St. Cloud State's first student newspaper?

a. The Chronicle
b. The Normal School Recorder
c. Normalia

10. St. Cloud State awarded its first master's of business administration (MBA) in what year?

a. 1947
b. 1965
c. 1985

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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