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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #6

1. Four alums have served as St. Cloud State president. Name the first.

a. Waite Shoemaker
b. Brendan McDonald
c. Thomas Gray

2. St. Cloud State awarded its first master's degree in:

a. 1895
b. 1954
c. 1987

3. Old Main Building, initially constructed in 1874 (with wings added in 1893 and 1897) stood near what present day building?

a. Shoemaker Hall
b. Centennial Hall
c. Stewart Hall

4. Who won KVSC's first annual trivia contest, which was held March 1980?

a. Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women
b. Animal House
c. The Playboys

5. The National Hockey Center opened in 1989, providing a new home for the St. Cloud State Huskies hockey teams. The ice rink is named after whom?

a. Bruce Grube
b. Brendan McDonald
c. George Selke

6. When St. Cloud State president Bruce Grube left in 1999 after four years of service, who became interim president of St. Cloud State?

a. Ruth Cadwell
b. Barb Grachek
c. Suzanne Williams

7. Name the first building constructed for the purpose of functioning solely as a library.

a. Centennial Hall
b. James W. Miller Learning Resource Center
c. Kiehle Library

8. In what year was the St. Cloud Normal Athletic Club founded?

a. 1892
b. 1900
c. 1931

9. For a brief time in the 1950s, freshmen attended orientation off-campus. Where did the students go for orientation?

a. Alexandria
b. Buffalo
c. Lake Koronis

10. The Robert H. Wick Science Building was renamed in 2005 after longtime faculty member and St. Cloud State president (1965-1971), Robert Wick. What was the building's original name?

a. Math-Science Building
b. Graham Laboratory of Learning
c. Administrative and Classroom Building

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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