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Quiz Overview

St. Cloud State University History Quiz #7

1. This St. Cloud State president served as captain during the Civil War, commanding Company G of the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

a. Ira Moore
b. Thomas Gray
c. Waite Shoemaker

2. Centennial Hall opened its doors in 1971 as St. Cloud State's library. What was the inspiration for its name?

a. State of Minnesota's 100th anniversary
b. Named after Joseph Centennial
c. St. Cloud State's 100th anniversary

3. In 1934, St. Cloud State purchased 51 acres on the east side of the Mississippi River, known as the Hilder quarry site. This property would become the core of what park?

a. Riverside Park
b. George W. Friedrich Park
c. Munsinger Gardens

4. The St. Cloud State basketball team played its first game at the newly opened Eastman Hall gymnasium on January 10, 1931. Who was their opponent?

a. University of Minnesota
b. Winona State University
c. St. John's University

5. In 1965, George Budd, who served as St. Cloud State president since 1952, left for Pittsburg State University in Kansas. Who served as acting president after Budd's departure?

a. Roy Saigo
b. John Headley
c. Robert Wick

6. Which building was the first constructed for St. Cloud State?

a. Lawrence Hall
b. Riverview
c. "Old Main" Building

7. St. Cloud State's men's hockey team jumped to Division 1 from Division 3 for the start of the 1987/88 season. Who was their first opponent?

a. Bemidji State University
b. University of Minnesota
c. University of Minnesota-Duluth

8. At the October 1983 St. Cloud State homecoming parade, which 1950s television child star served as its grand marshal?

a. Ricky Nelson
b. Jerry Mathers
c. Jeff Stone

9. While under construction, a cemetery containing the remains of white settlers from St. Cloud's past was unearthed. Name the building under construction.

a. Centennial Hall
b. Administrative Services
c. James W. Miller Learning Resource Center

10. Though there was a campus laboratory school from 1869 to 1983, when did St. Cloud State allow its students to teach at St. Cloud area public schools?

a. 1892
b. 1925
c. 1969

Questions written by Tom Steman, University Archivist.
All information and images taken from St. Cloud State University Archives.

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