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Celebrating Minnesota author Sinclair Lewis

Celebrating Minnesota author Sinclair LewisThis month, St. Cloud State University celebrates Nobel Prize-winning author and Sauk Centre native Sinclair Lewis as the college of Fine Arts and Humanities presents “The River is a Strong Brown God – Iconic Places and Characters in 20th Century American Cultures” Oct. 18-19. This symposium is in honor of the contributions of Sinclair Lewis to Midwest and American culture and letters and in celebration of the friendship between Lewis and Ida K. Compton.

A special feature of this year’s symposium will be the unveiling of the latest addition to the Sinclair Lewis papers at the St. Cloud State University Archives, a gift from the family of Hubert Irey Gibson of original Lewis letters, manuscripts and other materials. Gibson, who worked for Lewis in 1933, had the author’s permission to save papers that eventually became Lewis’s novel, “The Jayhawker.” Gibson’s children chose St. Cloud State over three other universities and historical societies to receive the collection, which has an appraised value of $25,000. The new collection offers students and scholars greater insight into the creative process Lewis used in developing his stories.

In conjunction with this conference, St. Cloud State University librarians have put together Sinclair Lewis displays near the Miller Center Reference area (1st Floor) and in University Archives (3rd Floor) to honor the contributions of Sinclair Lewis to Midwest and American culture and letters.

Other sources on Sinclair Lewis include:

To find more information on the conference at St. Cloud State, go to http://web.stcloudstate.edu/sinclairlewis/

Web Resources

Lewis Family Papers
These archives include Lewis family papers, including many pictures and correspondence. Two recordings of Lewis are a radio speech and a pilot for a radio show.

Papers of Ida Kay Compton
The Ida Kay Compton Papers were donated to St. Cloud State University by the Estate of Ida Compton in 1986.

Sinclair Lewis' Boyhood Home and Interpretive Center
Lewis's novel, "Main Street" was set in his Central Minnesota hometown of Sauk Centre, Minn.

The Minnesota Stories of Sinclair Lewis (Minnesota Public Radio
Provides audio files of the news story on the recent book, "The Minnesota Stories of Sinclair Lewis," along with an interview with the book’s editor.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1930
Includes the Nobel Prize presentation speech in honor of Sinclair Lewis as well as an autobiography and Nobel lecture by the author.

Sinclair Lewis (Minnesota Author Biographies Project)
Provides biographical information, list of selected works and bibliography of sources on Sinclair Lewis.

The Sinclair Lewis Society
Includes extensive links to autobiographical and biographical information as well as other writings on Sinclair Lewis and his works.

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